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Root Canals: The Truth And The Myths

December 27, 2020
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Legacy Dental Care

There is no dental treatment that has a worse reputation than root canals. Today we’re going to do our best to change that reputation by dispelling the myths about root canals and sharing the truth. Here’s what you should know.

Myth: Root Canals Are Painful

While it is true that if you need a root canal, you are probably experiencing a great deal of pain, it isn’t the root canal procedure that causes your discomfort. When you need a root canal, it’s because your tooth is infected, and the infection is what’s causing your pain.

A tooth infection occurs when decay reaches the nerves and tissues inside your tooth, and this situation creates the kind of pain that keeps you up at night and makes it hard to concentrate on your normal daily tasks.

Truth: Root Canal Treatment Relieves Your Pain

During root canal treatment at Legacy Dental, your dentist carefully removes the diseased tissue from inside your tooth. This eliminates your pain and infection, allowing your tooth to heal and preserve your natural tooth.

If you don’t treat an infected tooth, it will progress even further and could result in tooth loss and even compromise neighbouring teeth.

Myth: Root Canals Require Many Visits to the Dentist

Many people think that root canal treatment is a long and involved process requiring multiple visits to their dentist.

Truth: Root Canal Treatment Only Takes a Couple of Appointments

The truth is, your South Calgary dentist can likely complete your root canal in one appointment in most cases. You will return to your dentist after your tooth has healed completely to have it strengthened with either a permanent filling or a tooth crown. This is necessary because your tooth may become brittle after root canal treatment, and your new restoration will ensure that you have all the function for eating and chewing that you had before your tooth infection.

At Legacy Dental Care, our dentists are caring and experienced at helping patients with tooth infections. We also offer sedation with nitrous oxide for patients who feel fearful about root canal treatment. We invite your call to our dental office to answer any questions you might have about root canal treatment.

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