Dental Technology

Whenever we find technology that can significantly improve the dentistry we provide, our dentists implement it in our Legacy dental practice to improve patient satisfaction and comfort.

Intraoral Camera

Using an intraoral camera during our dental exams helps us educate patients about oral conditions by showing them exactly what our dentists see. By taking high-resolution images of individual teeth and areas of the mouth, we can more accurately show patients cracked teeth, gum recession, and calculus.

The pictures we take with our intraoral camera are immediately available for patients to review on our treatment room screens.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nervous patients can benefit from nitrous oxide sedation, which will help you relax during your dental appointment. Delivered through a small nose mask, nitrous oxide gas enters the system easily and promotes wellbeing. We can control the sedative during your procedure to make sure you remain comfortable.

Nitrous oxide is so safe that we can even use it on nervous children!

Laser Dentistry

Laser gum treatments improve healing times and make surgical procedures more comfortable for our patients.

  • Frenectomies
  • Gingival sculpting
  • Gummy smiles
  • Periodontal surgeries
  • Tongue-tie treatment
  • Crown lengthening
  • Canker sores and cold sores

Contact our South Calgary dental office to learn more about how laser dentistry can benefit your smile.

Digital X-Rays

As part of our commitment to preventive dentistry, we use digital dental x-rays to assist our dentists in making timely and accurate diagnoses. Digital dental x-rays emit up to 80 percent less radiation than traditional radiographs and produce high-resolution images to identify oral conditions in their earliest stages. Dental decay, fractured roots, calculus between teeth and below the gumline, cysts, and tumours are some of the conditions detectable with modern x-rays.

If you ever have concerns about the safety or necessity of your dental x-rays, talk to our team! We are happy to explain the benefits and help you get the most out of your preventive dentistry.

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