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5 Signs You Might Need A Root Canal

October 9, 2021
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Legacy Dental Care

Root canals suffer from a bad reputation that stems from years of horror stories about pain. The truth is, root canals don’t cause pain, but instead, they actually relieve it.

The real cause of your pain is an infection that’s reached the nerve inside your tooth. This infection can cause severe discomfort that makes it hard to concentrate on anything else or impossible to sleep at night. Root canal treatment removes the diseased tissue from inside your tooth, eliminating your pain and preserving your natural tooth structure.

Here are some common signs that indicate that you might need root canal treatment in South Calgary.

#1 Lingering Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Temperatures

If you’re noticing that irritating twinge when you eat or drink something hot or cold, it’s an excellent time to visit your dentist and have it checked out because it could indicate decay starting in your tooth.

Most people don’t overthink this sensation because it often goes away quickly. However, if you catch tooth decay early on, you may be able to treat your tooth with s simple dental filling. On the other hand, if you leave tooth decay untreated or undiagnosed, it can result in a painful tooth infection when it progresses further into your tooth.

#2 Pain or Tenderness When You Bite or Chew

If you’re feeling discomfort when eating, this is another sign that you may have tooth decay. Visiting your dentist as soon as you notice these symptoms might help you avoid the need for more significant treatment.

#3 Discolouration or Darkening of Your Tooth

A tooth that suffers from decay may become discoloured or appear darker.

#4 A Blister or Pimple on Your Gums

Another sign of a tooth infection is a white bump or blister on the gums around the affected tooth.

#5 Swelling of the Tissues Around the Infected Tooth

Facial tenderness and swelling are other indicators of a tooth infection.

A tooth infection left untreated can result in tooth loss, so please don’t wait to contact your dentist in South Calgary if you suspect you might have a tooth infection. Your team at Legacy Dental Care is here to help.

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