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3 Advantages Of Tooth-coloured Fillings

July 29, 2021
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Legacy Dental Care

Some adult patients may remember getting silver metal fillings in their teeth when they had tooth decay. Some people may even still have these filling in their smiles.

These days, tooth-coloured composite resin is the material of choice versus metal amalgam fillings because of several advantages composite material offers.

#1: Composite Fillings Allow You to Retain More of Your Natural Tooth Structure

Composite material is designed to bond directly onto your tooth, blending with it for a seamless finish. Dentists had to remove much more tooth structure to anchor the filling when they placed a metal filling.

Tooth-coloured composite fillings let you keep more of your natural tooth, which is always our goal.

#2: Composite Fillings Provide Durability

Because the nature of metal causes it to expand and contract with temperature changes in the mouth, it can result in your metal filling pulling away from your tooth, leaving gaps for bacteria to enter and cause damage or decay. This is especially true since the mouth is constantly experiencing variances in temperature. Many people have their metal fillings replaced for this reason.

Direct bonding to your tooth and no temperature reactions allow your composite fillings to provide excellent durability for your smile.

#3: Composite Fillings Are Aesthetically Appealing

Last but not least, most patients appreciate the fact that tooth-coloured composite fillings blend flawlessly with your smile. Your dentist in South Calgary can customize composite resin to match your teeth, so your fillings are never visible when you smile or talk.

Gone are the days of grey, metal fillings appearing when you laugh!

Your dentist can even use composite resin to fix small cosmetic concerns like discoloured or chipped teeth.

Do You Have Questions About Tooth-Coloured Fillings?

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