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When You May Need Emergency Dental Care

August 18, 2021
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Legacy Dental Care

Accidents happen, or so they say, and the degree to which an accident leaves the realm of an inconvenience and becomes an emergency depends on several factors. Some people in Calgary, Silverado, Chaparral, Walden, and the surrounding areas, would be unsure if a dental problem is an actual urgent need for care, so we at Legacy Dental Care may offer some guidelines for you to follow.

When Is Pain an Emergency?

Your body sends you messages all the time. For example, your stomach growls mean your body saying, “I’m hungry.” You yawn; translation: “I’m tired.” Pain is also your body’s way of saying, “Hey, something is wrong here!” The severity of that pain is akin to your body either quietly speaking or yelling at the top of its lungs. So if you are experiencing intense pain, that would be the time to call your emergency Legacy dentist.

What Might Be the Cause

When it hurts, you may be suffering from the following:

  • An abscessed tooth
  • A broken tooth or crown
  • Sudden sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Dislodged or loosened teeth
  • Knocked-out, or avulsed teeth

In the case of an abscessed or infected tooth, early treatment may prevent future dental problems. But if you disregard an infection, it may progress, causing more serious damage that can spread even down to the bone. In addition, where you have a broken tooth or dental crown, it’s possible to expose a nerve leading to unbearable pain, and you’ll want to seek immediate treatment.

Avulsed Tooth Treatment

One circumstance that nearly always requires urgent dental care is an avulsed tooth. This may be caused by a sporting or auto accident, and now, one or more teeth have been evicted from their homes. Treat this as an emergency because prompt action may save the tooth. If you have a tooth knocked out, take these immediate measures:

  1. Handle the tooth by the crown. Avoid touching the root.
  2. Gently rinse it with clean water.
  3. Put the tooth back in place, securing it with a clean cloth or gauze.
  4. If you can’t replace it, keep the tooth moist in a container with water or saliva.
  5. Call our dental office right away.

Preparation for Your Emergency Dental Appointment

So, if you have a dental problem, pain, inflammation or other need for urgent dental care in Calgary, AB, call our office so we can be prepared. If you’re new to our office, please bring your dental benefits card. We comply with the Alberta fee guide and will estimate the cost of your emergency exam.

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