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What to Expect in an Emergency Dental Appointment

September 4, 2019
Posted By:
Dr. Jayde Weidemann

Nobody likes to think about dental emergencies, but they can happen to the best of us. You wake up with a moderate toothache that has become excruciating by the end of the day. Or you are having lunch with colleagues, and suddenly you realize you’ve lost a dental crown. Maybe you take a ball to the face while “weekend warrioring” and realize you’ve knocked a tooth loose.

The first suggestion we have at our Calgary, AB dental office is: try not to panic. At Avenida Dental Centre, we are well-equipped to handle dental emergencies, and we leave time in our schedule each day to fit them in.

Here is what you can expect with a dental emergency at our Calgary, AB dental office.

Give Us a Call So We Can Determine How Urgent Your Situation Is

If you’ve lost a filling, and it isn’t giving you any trouble, you can probably get in at the next available appointment. But if you’ve knocked out a tooth, we’ll want to see you immediately; the quicker we can see you, the better the chance of saving your tooth.

For those who might be experiencing a toothache, talk to us about your symptoms. If you are very uncomfortable, we can get you in to provide palliative care right away to ensure you are comfortable. We’ll determine whether you need a root canal and whether we should treat you immediately.

What to Expect at Your Dental Appointment

When you come in, be prepared to tell us exactly what happened—particularly if you have been injured. We’ll want to know what your pain or discomfort feels like, and whether you are feeling sensitivity or if it hurts to bite down.

Whatever your issue, our main goal is to ensure you are comfortable, so we will provide treatment that will relieve any pain, Depending on your dental issues, we will either treat you on the spot, or we can make an appointment for follow-up treatment as needed.

Give our Calgary, AB dental clinic a call if you find yourself in need of emergency dental treatment. We are here for you!

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