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Common Uses For Dental Crowns In Calgary, AB

October 1, 2019
Posted By:
Dr. Laiton Wiedemann

Dental crowns in Calgary are popular across several dental specialties because they are versatile and time-tested solutions to several oral health and aesthetic issues.

In our dental office, we rely on quality tooth crowns to help our patients achieve optimal oral health and great-looking smiles.

How We Use Dental Crowns at Legacy Dental Care

Tooth crowns are hollowed out tooth caps that go over a tooth to the gumline. They are coloured to match the surrounding teeth and shaped to blend effortlessly with a patient’s smile.

We used dental crowns in general dentistry to cap a tooth following root canal therapy. Often a root infection can leave a tooth weak and vulnerable to breakage. A crown absorbs impact and creates a buffer for the weak tooth.

Root infection is a deep infection of the tooth that requires root canal therapy, or removal of the root and pulp to restore function, relieve pain, and prevent the spread of infection.

If patients need a dental bridge—one or more teeth are missing in a row—we rely on dental crowns to anchor a bridge to adjacent teeth. This security allows the bridge teeth to fill in the smile.

Dental crowns in Calgary, AB also top dental implants above the gum line and take the place of lost teeth. We also employ tooth crowns to conceal tooth flaws, including cracks, discolouration, shape issues, and small gaps between teeth.

Caring for Your Tooth Crown

Fortunately, dental crowns require little maintenance—other than the care you provided natural teeth. Brush and floss regularly and don’t skip dental appointment or teeth cleanings in Calgary, AB.

For patients needing a dental bridge, a member of our team will discuss special care such as floss threaders and a small brush to clean under and around the dental bridge.

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