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When Should You Bring Your Kids To The Dentist? Good Oral Habits Start Early!

April 15, 2019
Posted By:
Dr. Sandon Wiedemann

Many parents are surprised when we tell them it’s a good idea for children to start coming to the dentist regularly when their first tooth erupts—or around the age of 12 months. This is the recommendation made by the Canadian Dental Association, and we concur!

Although children will lose their baby teeth—also called primary teeth—keeping them healthy in the meantime is crucial. Kids need them to eat healthy, nutritious foods. Baby teeth also pave the way for proper growth of the adult teeth.

If your child is around the one year of age mark, it might be time to think about children’s dentistry at our Calgary, AB dental clinic. Give us a call to make a kid’s dental appointment!

Setting Kids Up for a Lifetime of Good Oral Health

Did you know that children who go to the dentist regularly tend to follow that habit throughout the rest of their lifetimes? Good habits that are ingrained from an early age are more likely to stick around. Getting your kids accustomed to sitting in the dental chair when they are young also means they are less likely to have anxiety over visiting the dentist.

Preventive Care for a Healthy Foundation

Seeing your kids from an early age means we can offer treatments designed to prevent tooth decay and cavities. With fluoride treatments and dental sealants, we can help keep baby teeth healthy.

If your child is involved in sports, we can also make a custom mouthguard to protect teeth from damage during play.

Contact Our South Calgary Dental Clinic

Set your child on the right path for a healthy smile today and for the rest of their life by taking them to the dentist regularly. We do our best to make the visit fun for kids. Call our Calgary, AB dental office about children’s dentistry and make an appointment for your little one.

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